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Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair in Phoenix AZ

The good old days of repairing sewer pipes are gone. Back in the day when a Sewer pipe at your home or business gave up on you, having it repaired involved digging up the bad pipe, destroying the driveway and or landscape to make the repair. But now with the use of the trenchless sewer repair system, you no longer have to go through that. We can sometimes make the repair right from the clean out with absolutely no digging what so ever. We have a few ways of performing this process.

The old way of doing Sewer Repairs.

 In the old days, we had to dig up the line by hand or with a tractor to make a repair. The disruption was a mess. It would take us more time to do the digging and clean up the mess then the actual sewer repair. One other thing of doing it the old fashion way is after a good rain, we would get a call from the customer saying the area that we dug up is sinking. It did not matter if we compacted the area with a compactor, it always seed to sink just a little. If we do any sewer repairs the old way, we compact it twice.

The new way, Trench-less sewer repair in Phoenix

We have two ways of doing trench-less sewer repairs and or replacements. The first way is trench-less sewer lining and the second is trench-less pipe bursting. Sewer lining is done with a soft fiberglass tube that in injected with a two part resin inserted into the existing pipe then inflated with a ballon and wait for the epoxy to cure, you have a new sewer line. The second way is pipe bursting which we dig up two sections of the sewer line, pull a cable through the sewer and then attach the new pipe to the end of the cable and pull the new sewer pipe through the existing line. I will explain in more depth below.

Sewer Pipe lining Phoenix

This is what a typical sewer line looks like when tree roots grow into a sewer line. As you can see, the roots have infested the sewer line to the point and has broken the pipe. The first thing we do is run a piece of equipment called a hydro jetter. What it does is, blast the tree roots from the line with high pressure water and wash the roots from the line. The down fall to lining verses pipe bursting is if the pipe is collapsed, the lining process can not be done.

 This is what the sewer line will look like when the liner is installed. As you can see, the pipe is one continuous pipe from the starting point to the end. This is also known as "seamless Sewer Pipe"
 or "Jointless Sewer Pipe" The liner is only 16.5 mm, thats the thickness of about five business cards. It does not seem that strong but once the resin is put into the liner, it is ten times stronger then the original pipe.

Sewer Pipe Bursting Phoenix
 We dug this hole in the middle of the sewer line so we could get a picture of what Pipe bursting look like. As you can see, the old clay sewer pipe was split into pieces and bursted out of the way and the new A.B.S sewer pipe is dragged through the old line. The next picture is of the bursting head. The bursting head has two blades that are attached to the spear head and split the pipe in half as we pull it through with a forty ton hydraulic machine. The bursting head is slightly larger then the pipe diameter and that how it bursts the old line out of the way.

For more information on Trench-Less Sewer Repair / Replacement Call our office and we will be happy to come out and give you your best and most affordable option. We have replaced hundreds of sewer lines in the Phoenix valley in the past twenty years, we know what were doing.

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